Almos Ultra Soccer Ball

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Introducing the Ultra Ball - Unleash Your Skills with Long-Lasting Performance

The Ultra Ball is a match and training-level ball designed to deliver exceptional performance and durability. Made with improved synthetic PU material, this ball combines longevity with outstanding playability, ensuring you can excel on the field.

Improved Synthetic PU Material:

Crafted with improved synthetic PU material, the Ultra Ball offers superior durability, resilience, and soft touch. Experience the quality of a ball that withstands the demands of intense play while providing excellent control and responsiveness. Enjoy the confidence that comes with playing with a ball built to last.

Enhanced Visibility and Reaction:

Featuring colorful designs, the Ultra Ball offers improved visibility, enabling faster player reactions and heightened game performance. The vibrant colors on the ball make it easier to track its movement, allowing you to anticipate plays and react swiftly. Stay one step ahead of your opponents with enhanced visibility and responsiveness.

Precise Panel Shape and Symmetry:

The Ultra Ball utilizes a multiple fabrics lining system applied in a consecutive order to ensure correct and symmetrical panel shape. This meticulous construction technique contributes to the ball's stability, accuracy, and overall performance. Enjoy a ball that maintains its shape and provides consistent playability after countless kicks.

Steady Flight and Perfect Roundness:

With 32 hand-stitched panels, the Ultra Ball ensures a steady flight and maintains a perfectly round shape even after thousands of kicks. Experience the reliability and predictability of the ball's trajectory as it moves through the air. Achieve consistent passes, shots, and control with a ball designed for precision.

Latex Bladder for Air Retention:

The Ultra Ball's carcass is fitted with a latex bladder that bears a high-quality nozzle, ensuring excellent air retention. Experience minimal air loss during gameplay, allowing for uninterrupted matches and training sessions. Play with confidence, knowing that the ball will maintain its optimal inflation for consistent performance.

Aerodynamic and Directed Movement:

The Ultra Ball is engineered for aerodynamic and directed movement, allowing for precise and controlled play. Experience the ball's responsiveness as it smoothly responds to your footwork, enabling accurate passes, powerful shots, and controlled dribbling. Unleash your skills and navigate the field with ease.

Color: Orange