Almos Max All Around Soft Goalkeeper Gloves - Black

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Size 9 

Introducing the Max All Around Soft - Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves - Your Ultimate Companion on the Field 

Experience the pinnacle of performance and comfort with the Max All Around Soft Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves. Designed for the modern goalkeeper, these gloves combine superior materials and innovative features to enhance your game and provide maximum protection.

Breathable Mesh Construction:

The glove body is expertly crafted with breathable mesh material, allowing for optimal ventilation. Stay cool and dry even during intense matches, as the mesh promotes airflow and prevents moisture build-up. Experience enhanced comfort and extended play without compromising on breathability.

Cushioned Palm with Synthetic Latex Foam:

Featuring a palm made of premium synthetic latex foam, these gloves offer exceptional cushioning and consistent grip. The foam padding ensures a smooth surface, allowing for precise ball control and confident saves. Take your goalkeeping skills to the next level with a glove that provides a reliable grip in all weather conditions.

Embossed High Foam for Superior Control:

The Max All Around Soft gloves boast embossed high foam on the palm, enabling unparalleled control when punching the ball. This innovative feature enhances your grip, allowing for confident and accurate ball deflection. With improved control, you'll be able to make crucial saves and distribute the ball with precision.

Maximized Catching Area with Classic Cut:

Designed with a classic cut, these gloves offer a maximized catching area, ensuring you have the best chance of securing those crucial saves. The wider surface area enhances your ability to catch and hold onto the ball, boosting your confidence and performance between the posts.

Quick and Easy Entry:

The vertical cut on the side of the cuff provides a super quick and easy entry into the glove. Spend less time fumbling with your gear and more time focused on the game. Slip your hands into these gloves effortlessly, and be ready to make those game-changing saves in an instant.

Elevate your goalkeeping prowess with the Max All Around Soft  Soccer Goalkeeper Gloves. Whether you're playing in a competitive match or honing your skills in training, these gloves are the perfect combination of comfort, control, and convenience. Dominate the field and protect your team's goal with confidence and style.

Color: Black
Size: 9