Deer PRO Soccer Ball Professional FIFA Certified

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Introducing the Professional Ball - Unleash Your Skills with Unmatched Performance

The Professional Ball is the epitome of excellence and craftsmanship, designed for professional footballers who demand the highest quality and performance. With its superior materials and meticulous construction, this ball delivers unrivaled performance on the field.

High-Quality Material and Powerful Look:

Crafted with one of the best materials available, the Professional Ball exudes power and durability. The combination of specially developed microfiber synthetic leather and optimized fabric layers creates a ball that not only looks impressive but also performs at the highest level. Step onto the pitch with confidence, knowing you have a ball designed to meet your professional standards.

Improved Bounce and Softer Touch:

Featuring a special TPE 2mm foam and 4-multiple fabric layers, the Professional Ball offers an improved bounce and a softer touch compared to its predecessors. Experience a ball that feels responsive and comfortable, allowing you to execute precise passes, controlled shots, and delicate touches. Unleash your skills with a ball that enhances your game.

Steady Flight and Perfect Roundness:

With 32 hand-stitched panels, the Professional Ball ensures a steady flight and maintains a perfectly round shape even after enduring thousands of powerful kicks. The meticulous craftsmanship of the panels ensures optimal performance and consistent playability, allowing you to rely on the ball's trajectory and accuracy.

Super Latex Bladder for Optimal Air Retention:

The ball's carcass is fitted with a super latex bladder bearing a high-quality nozzle. This high-performance bladder plays a vital role in blocking air loss, ensuring optimal inflation and prolonged play. Enjoy uninterrupted matches and training sessions with a ball that retains its shape and performance.

Excellent Performance in Wet Conditions:

The Professional Ball is designed to excel even in wet conditions. The special sealing of the panels minimizes water uptake, allowing the ball to maintain its performance and reliability, regardless of the weather. Experience consistent playability and reliability, even in challenging wet conditions.

FIFA Quality Pro Certification:

The Professional Ball proudly holds the FIFA Quality Pro certification, representing its exceptional quality and performance. This prestigious certification is awarded to balls that meet the highest standards set by FIFA, ensuring superior flight, shape retention, and durability. Play with a ball trusted by professionals and experience the difference it makes in your game.

Unleash your skills and dominate the game with the Professional Ball. With its high-quality materials, improved bounce, softer touch, and FIFA Quality Pro certification, this ball offers unparalleled performance and durability. Elevate your game to the professional level and experience the joy of playing with a ball that meets the demands of elite football.


Color: Blue