Deer Target Soccer Ball FIFA Certified

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Introducing the TARGET Soccer Ball - Precision, Performance, and Durability in Every Kick

Experience the game like never before with the TARGET Soccer Ball. Designed to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, this ball combines innovative features and superior craftsmanship to elevate your soccer experience.

Soft and Flexible TPU Material:

The TARGET Soccer Ball is crafted with TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), the softest material known for its flexibility and non-tearing nature. This ensures a comfortable and enjoyable playing experience, allowing for precise control and accurate passes. Feel the difference in every touch as you unleash your skills on the field.

Improved Visibility and Player Reaction:

Featuring colorful and eye-catching designs, this soccer ball enhances visibility, enabling faster player reaction and improved game performance. Stand out on the field and effortlessly track the ball's movement with its vibrant and dynamic patterns. Be prepared to make quick decisions and showcase your agility with a ball designed for optimal visibility.

Superior Construction for Softness and Strength:

The TPU top layer of the TARGET Soccer Ball is laminated with high-quality EVA foam, providing a softer feel and enhanced touch. Combined with the best quality fabric, this ball offers superior supporting strength, ensuring durability and consistent performance throughout the game. Experience the perfect balance between softness and resilience with each kick.

Reinforced Rubber Bladder for Shape Retention:

The ball's carcass is fitted with a rubber bladder that features a high-quality nozzle. The bladder is further reinforced with thread wound and natural latex, providing stability and shape retention. This meticulous construction ensures proper ball shaping, sphericity, and controlled size. Enjoy a ball that maintains its form, allowing for accurate flight and reliable performance.

Consistent Flight with Machine-Stitched Panels:

The TARGET Soccer Ball features 32 machine-stitched panels, which contribute to its straight flight in the air. This precise stitching technique guarantees optimal aerodynamics and consistent performance, ensuring the ball behaves predictably and accurately during play. Enjoy the confidence of a ball that delivers a true and reliable trajectory.

Tested for Durability and Quality:

The TARGET Soccer Ball has undergone rigorous shape and size retention tests, demonstrating its exceptional durability and quality. Designed to withstand the demands of intense gameplay, this ball remains in top condition, ensuring long-lasting performance and enjoyment.

Embrace the precision, performance, and durability of the TARGET Soccer Ball. With its soft and flexible TPU material, improved visibility, reinforced bladder, and machine-stitched panels, this ball meets FIFA Quality/ FIFA Basic standards, guaranteeing superior quality and reliable performance. Elevate your soccer skills, dominate the field, and experience the joy of playing with a ball trusted by professionals.

Color: Green