Almos Club volleyball Red & Yellow

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Introducing the Club Volleyball - Elevate Your Club Matches with Precision and Performance

The Club Volleyball is designed to enhance your club matches and deliver exceptional playability and durability. Crafted with precision and quality materials, this volleyball is tailored for club-level play, allowing you to unleash your skills and dominate the court. Tailored for Club Matches:

Designed specifically for club-level matches, the Club Volleyball meets the demands of competitive play. Its high-quality materials and construction ensure exceptional durability, allowing you to perform at your best without worrying about the ball's integrity. Elevate your club matches and experience the joy of playing with a volleyball tailored for club-level performance.

Unleash Your Skills on the Club Court:

The Club Volleyball is engineered to bring out the best in your club-level play. Unleash your skills, execute precise plays, and dominate the court with confidence. Whether you're participating in club tournaments or league matches, this volleyball will meet your expectations and elevate your game.

VB PU 0.6MM Textured Cover for Enhanced Grip:

The Club Volleyball features a VB PU 0.6MM textured cover, specifically designed to provide an enhanced grip and control. Experience improved ball handling as you execute precise sets, powerful spikes, and accurate serves. With this volleyball, you can confidently make plays and dictate the game.

18-P Panel Construction for Optimal Flight and Stability:

Built with an 18-panel construction, the Club Volleyball ensures optimal flight and stability in the air. The carefully designed panels provide consistent performance and predictable trajectory, allowing you to anticipate and react to the ball with precision. Enjoy superior ball control and accuracy during intense club matches and competitive play.

Latex Bladder for Reliable Shape Retention:

The Club Volleyball is equipped with a latex bladder, offering reliable shape retention and minimal air leakage. This bladder construction ensures the ball maintains its optimal shape and pressure throughout extended play. Stay focused on the game, knowing that your volleyball is ready for every serve, set, and spike.


Color: Red