Almos Classic Soccer Ball 32 Panels Red

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Introducing the Classic 32-P Ball - Timeless Design with Reliable Performance

The Classic 32-P Ball is a testament to the timeless beauty and dependable performance of traditional soccer balls. With its iconic 32-panel design and high-quality construction, this ball delivers an authentic playing experience that embodies the essence of the beautiful game.

TPU 0.15MM Shine Cover for Durability and Visibility:

The Classic 32-P Ball features a TPU 0.15MM shine cover that not only provides durability but also enhances visibility on the field. The shiny surface ensures the ball stands out, allowing players to track its movement with ease. Experience optimal visibility and control as you showcase your skills with this classic ball.

Rubber Bladder for Optimal Performance and Shape Retention:

Equipped with a rubber bladder, the Classic 32-P Ball ensures optimal performance and shape retention. The rubber bladder provides excellent bounce and air retention, allowing for consistent play throughout matches and training sessions. Focus on the game without worrying about the ball losing its shape or pressure.

Timeless Design with 32-Panels:

With its classic 32-panel construction, the Classic 32-P Ball exudes tradition and elegance. The carefully stitched panels provide excellent symmetry and balance, resulting in a ball that delivers consistent flight and accurate performance. Enjoy the familiar touch and feel of a classic soccer ball that has been cherished by players for generations.

Reliable Performance for Matches and Training:

The Classic 32-P Ball is suitable for both matches and training sessions. Its durable construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay while maintaining its shape and performance. Whether you're playing a competitive match or honing your skills on the training ground, this ball will deliver reliable performance every time.

Color: Red