Almos Flash Soccer Ball Blue

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Introducing the Flash Ball - Unleash Your Skills with Precision and Performance

The Flash Ball is a high-quality match ball designed to elevate your game to new heights. Crafted with precision and performance in mind, this ball combines superior materials and innovative features to enhance your playing experience on the field.

High-Quality PU Material with Unique Texture:

Made with high-quality PU material, the Flash Ball offers durability, resilience, and a unique texture that enhances grip and control. Feel the difference as you handle the ball, enjoying enhanced touch and maneuverability. Experience the confidence and precision that come with playing with a ball of exceptional quality.

Thermo Bonded 14-Panel Construction:

The Flash Ball features a thermo bonded construction with 14 panels, ensuring seamless integration and minimal water absorption. This special dual bonding technique minimizes the amount of water the ball takes on, allowing it to maintain its original weight even when played on wet surfaces. Enjoy consistent performance regardless of the weather conditions.

Improved Softness with High-Performance EVA Foam:

Equipped with high-performance 4mm EVA foam, the Flash Ball offers improved softness and responsiveness. This foam layer enhances comfort and touch, allowing for better ball control and precise passes. Feel the ball respond to your every touch as you execute your skills with finesse and accuracy.

Reinforced Rubber Bladder for Optimal Shape and Size:

The Flash Ball's special rubber bladder is reinforced with fabric patches bonded with natural latex. This meticulous construction ensures a perfect bounce, optimal shape, and controlled size. The bladder is molded after curing, achieving a true sphere and sphericity that enhances the ball's performance and flight characteristics.

Straight Flight with Minimum Water Absorption:

The thermo bonded panels of the Flash Ball not only minimize water absorption but also contribute to a straight flight in the air. Experience consistent trajectory and accuracy as you pass, shoot, and control the ball. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that the ball's flight remains true, even in challenging playing conditions.

Color: Blue