Almos Classic Futsal Master Ball

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Introducing the Futsal Master Ball - Unleash Your Skills with Precision and Durability

Experience the game like never before with the Futsal Master Ball. This size 4 futsal ball is meticulously designed to deliver optimal performance, durability, and affordability, making it the perfect choice for training and casual play.

Soft and Flexible TPU Material:

Crafted from TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), the Futsal Master Ball boasts the softest material known for its flexibility and tear resistance. Enjoy the comfortable and responsive feel as you handle and control the ball with ease. The softness and flexibility of the TPU material allow for precise ball handling, empowering you to showcase your skills on the futsal court.

Improved Visibility and Reaction:

Featuring a new and colorful design, this futsal ball enhances visibility, resulting in faster player reactions and improved game performance. The vibrant and dynamic patterns on the ball make it easier to track its movement, enabling you to make quick decisions and react swiftly on the court. Stay one step ahead of your opponents with improved visibility and responsiveness.

High-Quality Construction for Softness and Strength:

The Futsal Master Ball's TPU top layer is fitted with high-quality EVA foam in lamination, delivering a softer feel and enhanced ball control. Additionally, the best quality fabric layer provides maximum strength, ensuring durability and reliable performance throughout your matches and training sessions. Experience the perfect balance of softness and resilience with every touch.

Special Rubber Bladder for Perfect Bounce:

The ball's carcass is equipped with a special rubber bladder, featuring a high-quality nozzle. Inside the bladder, polyester fibers ensure a perfect bounce and effortless control. Experience the ball's responsiveness as it smoothly reacts to your footwork, enabling precise passes, accurate shots, and quick movements. Enjoy the joy of playing with a ball that offers exceptional control and responsiveness.

Economical Training Ball with Playability Features:

The Futsal Master Ball is not only a high-performing ball but also an economical choice for training sessions. With its excellent playability features, this ball provides the performance and durability required for extensive training. It allows you to refine your skills and elevate your futsal game without compromising on quality, making it the perfect choice for dedicated players.

Durability and Reliable Flight:

Featuring 32 machine-stitched panels, the Futsal Master Ball ensures a straight flight in the air, providing consistency and accuracy during gameplay. Tested for durability and shape retention, this ball demonstrates its ability to maintain its form and size over time, ensuring a reliable and enjoyable playing experience that lasts.


Color: Blue