Who We are?

We strive to play like they won't, and win like they can't.

Almos is a leading AMERICAN brand that was developed in New York City in 2022.


Almos Sports is your premier destination for top-quality sports goods and apparel. Dedicated to empowering athletes of all levels, our products are crafted in factories recognized by Nike®, Adidas®, Jako®, and Umbro® for its top-level quality of products.

We offer a wide range of items designed to enhance performance and provide comfort, catering to professional athletes, sports enthusiasts, and those starting their fitness journey. At Almos Sports, we believe in providing every athlete with a winning combination of superior products, exceptional customer service, and a genuine passion for sports. Join us today and experience the Almos Sports difference.

As an established company across North America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America, and Europe. Almos Sports extends its reach to athletes and sports enthusiasts in these regions. Our product line includes,

· Athletic wear: Dominate the track, court, or field with performance-driven apparel.

· Soccer: FIFA-approved soccer balls, precision gear, and everything you need to own the pitch.

· Cricket: Master the crease with premium bats, gloves, and equipment for every level.

· Pickleball & Paddleball: Conquer the court with paddles, balls, and accessories built for speed            and control.

· Basketballs, Rugby Balls, Futsals & Volleyballs: Elevate your game with high-performance equipment for every sport.

Explore our range and experience the convenience and reliability of working with us as an authorized seller and wholesaler. Visit our website and follow us on social media @almossports to learn more!

Our Vision

At ALMOS we strive to empower athletes to leave their mark on sports by providing them with the highest quality sporting goods and equipment. We firmly believe in every athlete's potential to excel and leave a lasting legacy in their field. ALMOS' foundation lies in a profound love for sports and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

our mission

Our mission at ALMOS is rooted in inspiring athletes to push beyond their limits and achieve their dreams. Driven by a deep respect for sports, its history, and its traditions, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, craftsmanship, and innovation. Our innovative, durable, and high-performing products can enhance the performance and style of athletes at all levels.

At ALMOS we believe in the power that sports can have in uniting communities and we are committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in sports and empowering athletes from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. By working together and supporting one another, We can create a better world through sports.