Almos Training Volleyball

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Introducing the Training Volleyball: Tailored for Effective Training:

Designed specifically for training purposes, the Training Volleyball is optimized to help you refine your skills and improve your game. Whether you're practicing serves, sets, spikes, or defensive maneuvers, this volleyball will withstand intense training sessions while providing the feedback you need to enhance your performance. Elevate your skills and make the most of your training sessions with a volleyball tailored for effective practice.

Unleash Your Potential on the Court:

Training Volleyball is your tool to unlock your full potential on the court. With its TPU 0.15MM dull white cover, 18-panel construction, rubber bladder, and focus on training, this volleyball offers exceptional durability and performance. Embrace the opportunity to fine-tune your skills, improve your technique, and elevate your game to new heights during your training sessions.

TPU 0.15MM Dull White Cover for Durability and Visibility:

The Training Volleyball features a TPU 0.15MM dull white cover, offering durability and enhanced visibility during practice sessions. The sturdy material can withstand the rigors of training, ensuring long-lasting performance. The dull white color provides clear visibility against various backgrounds, helping you track the ball's movement with ease.

18-P Panel Construction for Consistent Performance:

Built with an 18-panel construction, the Training Volleyball ensures consistent performance and predictable trajectory. The panels are meticulously designed to provide reliable flight and stability in the air, allowing you to focus on your skills without worrying about the ball's behavior. Enjoy enhanced control and accuracy during your training sessions.

Rubber Bladder for Optimal Performance and Durability:

The Training Volleyball is equipped with a rubber bladder, known for its excellent shape retention and durability. This bladder construction ensures the ball maintains its optimal shape and pressure throughout your training sessions. Practice with confidence, knowing that your volleyball will deliver reliable performance every time.


Color: Green